About Us

Hi I’m Rola Faour (AKA Rolz), creator of RolzGold


RolzGold is an 18K gold jewelry concept. It started in 2018 with personal branding tribal Arabic theme, but has now evolved to include iconic designs.  


My pieces are intended to give each wearer a feeling of human connection and to evoke thoughts and memories.  


The range has expanded beyond 18K gold, to personal branding bespoke pieces, using material such as silver, acrylic, wood among others. Examples include: wall art, table accessories, tattoos, keychains, praying beads, etc..


The logo mark:

The brand logo is my childhood signature with which I signed my exams and my drawings. It exemplifies my artistic journey from my early years up until the present and into the future (symbolized by the arrow).  

The logo is my personal stamp of approval; a symbol of the fusion of business and passion; a seal of my art journey connecting my past with my future.



At a tough phase of my family’s life, we needed to sell our personal jewelry - amongst which were precious childhood gifts from my grandmother – in order to financially support my dad’s medical treatment before he passed away. After that, I wanted to re-create my own jewelry pieces to somehow replace what I had sold and lost. Now I want to design for others, pieces that evoke feelings of human connection, meaning, thoughts and memories.

RolzGold supports: "Got Meds? For Dr Marwan Faour" Charity. To know more Please whatsApp +971523090985